OPENING IN 2020 at the AGORA Urban village in Gatineau

Online store open NOW!

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Organic. Local.

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Another kind of grocery store!

An eco-friendly grocery store that focuses on health and regeneration, this is what Marché Brut is all about! With your well-being in mind, we’re offering everyday essentials which are unpackaged, organic and locally sourced as much as possible! 

Bring you own containers!


That’s you! That’s us! Together, we can reduce the impact of industries on our health as well as the environment. We strive to inspire positive changes in our community by providing a better shopping solution for food and everyday goods that take the great environmental challenges into consideration, but also the health and ethical values of humanity. Our world is completely transformed and our planet is running out of ressources at an unprecedented rate... We no longer have a choice,  we must become more conscious consumers, change our ways and go back to basics:

back to when we were BRUT.

How it works:

Doesn't get easier than that!


While we wait for our grand opening, our online store is already running!

Take care of yourself, your family and the planet with our selection of ecofriendly products for the home and leisure time!



We will be located at

35 Allée de Hambourg

Suit 110-D

Gatineau, QC

J9J 4J6


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