Our Values


Adj. From French, the state of what is natural;

that is unchanged, unprocessed.

Local & 

Regenerative First.

We prioritize local businesses and choose organic whenever possible. Beyond that, we focus on regenerative agriculture practices that help to protect our soils, improve carbon and water cycles, mitigate climate change, build resilience against floods and droughts as well as create healthy, sustainable food systems. 



Being a minimalist grocery store means we are a no crap grocery store! Funky ingredients and chemicals you can't pronounce don’t fit very well in here!  We take great pride into selecting products that are natural, nutritionally optimal and eco-friendly so you know that what you are buying is safe from a health perspective, for you, for your family and for the planet.

As little

packaging as possible.

Many foods and everyday essentials simply don't need to be packaged in pre-set formats! With a bit of organisation, almost everything can be sold in bulk! For items that do need to be packaged, we make sure to select those that use ecological packaging, either recycled, easily recyclable or compostable. 



Bulk shopping is so great because it allows you to get just enough of what you really need, no more, no less! You’re done with food AND packaging waste. Want 4, or 16 eggs? Help yourself! Need only 1/2 a cup of nuts for a recipe? Not a problem! At Marché Brut we also integrate the principles of circular economy and a responsible strategy into our supply chain so we can reduce waste at the source.



Simplicity doesn't mean taking short cuts! Nature takes time to make great things and that's why we think everything is much better with a special touch... We love to celebrate nature's authenticity and we believe that it makes all the difference in the world. 


We will be located at

35 Allée de Hambourg

Suit 110-D

Gatineau, QC

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